Empowering the Scientific Temperament
SRM AP Awarded for Excellence in Enabling Research Environment (Science)
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Secured SERB-SURE grants
10 Projects worth 2.50 crores awarded to SRM AP
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Re-aligning Pedagogy for Outcome-
based Learning
Deliberating best teaching practices among faculty
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Sikkim State Formation Day
University representatives attend celebrations
at Raj Bhavan
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A Discourse on Multiscale Modelling of Complex Systems
Renowned Physicist, Prof. Prabal K Maiti heads Colloquium
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A Promise of a Better World
Student-led communities advocate social awareness
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Workshop on Powder X-ray Diffraction
Training users on the foundation of the X-ray diffraction technique in solids.
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Accentuating Research
Dr Jatis Kumar Dash and Students
Secure Patent
Two-dimensional transition metal oxide layers and A method for their synthesis
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Childhood Adversity and its Impact
Dr Aehsan Ahmad Dar delivered Lecture at the Two – day National Conference on Youth Development
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Women's Under Representation in Indian Democracy
Analysing the intersection of culture, politics and the state of women
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Upcoming Events
AIS School on p-adic Methods in Arithmetic
Intensive training on core Mathematics
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